My name is Isaac Wood, and I'm a Graduate Assistant XC/Track Coach at Florida State. Before Florida State, I spent four years at BYU working as the assistant for Ed Eyestone. I'm a running junkie and I love to analyze performances in both XC and track.

I come from a family of deep running heritage. My father Bob Wood was the Long Distance Chairman for USA Track and Field for years and one of the most prominent agents for distance runners during the 80's and 90's.

I've put together The Wood Report to share my personal research and insights into the running and racing world.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and hope you enjoy The Wood Report!


  1. Isaac,
    These are some of the best write-ups and analysis out there. Keep up the great work!

  2. The material is generally good, but you will lack credibility as long as you continue to make grammatical errors that make you look dumb.

    For example, it is '80s and '90s, not 80's and 90's.


    1. Isaac, your material is actually *very* good and I want to thank you for your efforts. I have a son on one of the teams you profiled and your insights are spot on.

      I also believe I speak for your general audience when I say that sporting blogs are no place for grammar nitpickers to try and score their own points. Ain't that right, y'all?

  3. Thank you for adding women.

  4. No Conference USA preview? Even though O'Hare has run 3:52, he has a 3:57 UTEP guy to contend with. Also, even though UCF is highly ranked nationally based on the strength of a couple of incredible individuals, they may not win the team title (they didn't last year, ECU did!).

  5. I have several people gathered around my computer screen reading your in-depth reports! They are articulate, detailed, and impressive. You have yet another group of fans of The Wood Report! Keep up the amazing work! Well done! . . . btw "who's home?!"

  6. I was very impressed by your insight!

    Hard to believe that the only comment somebody would have, after reading what you have to say, would relate to the placement of an apostrophe.

    I look forward to more interesting commentary as the season continues!

  7. Mr. Wood,
    I have been reading your reports for a couple years... pretty good info. Thanks!
    PS Keep up the good work.... I can tell you love it :)